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Reward your best friend with a visit to Pamper Paws.  Our dogs love us unconditionally, and at Pamper Paws, we believe they deserve the best too.

From our Grooming Salon to our Doggy Daycare, to our large range of pet treats and accessories, our love for dogs inspires us to provide the highest quality for your pooch.

We know your dog is more than just a pet, they are part of the family.

Shop online for delivery Australia wide or visit our salon for all of your dog’s needs.





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Home Maintenance Grooming

Just like humans, your dog's hair needs regular maintenance to keep it looking its best. If you have a short haired pooch like a Labrador or Jack Russell Terrier, a daily wipe of any build-up around the eyes & ears, and quick brush with a rubber curry brush...

dog grooming

Winter Grooming

In addition to training, vet appointments and lots of love, grooming is another important aspect of pet ownership, yet it’s also one of the most commonly neglected. Pets need regular grooming for a number of reasons, and this should be a regular part of their life...

Winter dog grooming

Puppy Visits

We love puppy visits, but they need to be short and sweet. We compiled some have great advice on when and how should you start your puppy's grooming journey.