Shampoos and pet products in the Salon

When you visit a professional, you would assume that they would use the best products available, right?
Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some groomers aren’t aware of the best practices or are stuck in habits from 20 years ago and don’t keep up with the latest research and advances.

At Pamper Paws, we regularly attend training seminars regarding pet skin and coat care, and product training seminars to learn about the newest products available, and what they can offer our clients. We pride ourselves on using Australian made products, that are free of all nasties. But what are the nasties, and why does it matter? Let us discuss today about what is in the products we use, and more importantly, what isn’t in the products, and why this is important to us (and why it should be important to you too!)

The main ingredient in any shampoo is the surfactant. This is the cleaning agent, the bit that breaks down the oils and grot from the skin and coat and makes it nice and clean. Some products will use surfactants like sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES) or sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). Whilst these products are cheap and clean well, they are low quality which is incredibly stripping and harsh. Plant based surfactants, whilst more expensive, clean well whilst being gentle and moisturising to not only the pet, but to the groomer who has their hands in the product day in and day out.
Regularly we see groomers asking for help with dermatitis issues with their hands, only to discover they are using harsh products that contain cheap surfactants.

The next main ingredient in products is the preservative. Parabens are commonly used in pet products and cosmetics but are becoming less popular with increasing articles linking parabens to a range of health issues. Whilst that is a whole another debate (feel free to do your own research on that one!), the main reason why we don’t use products that contain parabens is the same reason we don’t use cheap surfactants. Parabens are harsh, and can lead to dry, brittle hair and damaged skin.

Just like humans, our pets come in all shapes and sizes. There is no ‘one size fits all’ with products. Even within the same breed, different dogs require different products. When looking for a dog groomer, you want to find one has a wide selection of products to ensure your pet gets exactly what they need.

Here at Pamper Paws, we use ProGroom range of products. These products are made and manufactured in Australia, are soap free, and are completely free of SLS, SLES and parabens. Their extensive range of products allows us to select the best possible product for your pet.

Some of our favourites are:

Detox range – this spa blend cleans, nourishes and revitalises. It is loaded with antioxidants, and blended with natural plant extracts including bamboo, charcoal and green tea. We love how the bamboo surfactant cleanses and moisturising the coat, whilst the charcoal and green tea removes impurities and helps to improve overall coat health.

Gentle range – this amazing new range is a newly formulated hypo-allergenic range, suited for itchy and sensitive pets.This product is a mild cleansing and moisturising range, infused with oatmeal, lavender and chamomile – a perfect combination for pets (or owners!) with sensitivities. This range is fragrance free, which adds to the benefits of being truly hypo-allergenic.

Volume range – We absolutely love this range, and is definitely a favourite in our salon! Does your pet have limp hair, or look dull & flat? This range helps to plump up the hair and give volume and fullness. Volume is infused with hydrolysed wheat protein and waratah extract for extra body & fullness, and contains vitamin B5 to strengthen and improve the overall health of the hair.

Teddy bear dog hair cut

As well as shampoos and conditioners, we use charcoal body scrubs, facial cleansers and protein enriched treatments to give our fur-clients the absolute best treatment services possible.

You can shop our range of top quality products for your pet here

Should you have any questions about what product is best for your pet, hit us up on our socials!


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