Rejuvenation Therapies


Skin & Coat Rejuvenation

At Pamper Paws, we understand that pet grooming is more than just giving dogs a haircut. We need to have a thorough understanding of dogs’ anatomy and skin/hair structure. To be able to provide your pet with the absolute best service, our staff continually grow & develop their skills.

Meagan has undergone further training to become a certified pet aesthetician.
This training drills into the science behind the products we use, educate in skin health and hair structure, and how to optimise our processes to aid in healthy skin and hair.

Dog skin thrives best at 6.5 – 7.5 pH. Unfortunately, when there are underlying issues, often the pH is altered which provides a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, yeast and fungi. This also often alters the moisture levels at skin level. Most “medicated” products found on the pet shop shelves actually end up doing more harm than good in the long run. They dry out the skin, and alter skin pH levels. Whilst this may initially help to kill yeast and fungal infections, it doesn’t promote healthy skin, can cause ongoing itchiness due to dryness and doesn’t allow the skin to regenerate and heal.

In a healthy dog, they shed their skin cells every 21 days, which is why regular bathing is very important to remove these dead cells from building up. Their sebaceous glands (the gland that produces healthy oils to the skin/hair) keep the skin and hair follicles well moisturised to protect from the elements and prevent drying out of the skin and hair. Dry skin causes itchiness and dry hair is prone to breakage.

By returning your dog’s skin to the correct pH and moisture levels, regularly cleansing dead cells and excess sebum (oils) from the skin, and unblocking sebaceous glands, this allows the skin to rejuvenate to a healthy status and allow coat growth.

Procedure for skin rejuvenation:

    1. Poultice mask to dry any oozing skin problems
    2. Cleansing colloidal soak to remove dead skin, dirt and oil build up
    3. Ozone Bath
    4. Deep conditioning mask to balance pH and replenish moisture within hair and skin.


      Procedure for coat rejuvenation:

    1. Cleansing placental enzyme soak to cleanse and stimulate hair growth
    2. Ozone Bath
    3. Deep conditioning mask to balance pH, replenish moisture and strengthen hair


      Mild cases – once a week commitment, approx 6-10 weeks
      Severe cases – twice a week commitment for first 3-6 weeks, then weekly until cleared. 


      Ozone Therapy

      Ozone bath therapy is a natural treatment recommended for dermatological and rheumatic diseases.

      It uses the properties of ozone, a gas that not only has important antiseptic activity, but is also able to improve the flow of oxygen in the tissues and acts as an important vasodilator, stimulating blood circulation. Ozone is an amazing anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial therapy to assist with both skin problems and mobility issues.

      Ozone therapy uses medical-grade ozone created using an ozone generator device to increase the amount of oxygen in your dog’s body, which can boost their immune system while promoting healing through cell regeneration.

      Ozone bath is recommended once a week. Ozone is included in our once weekly rejuvenation therapies or can be booked independently for arthritic dogs.

Dog Ozone Therapy Mackay QLD


Contact us by phone on 0491 752 689 to organise your free initial consultation.

All rejuvenation therapies should be in conjunction with veterinary care. Our therapies help rejuvenate skin and coat health externally, whilst your Veterinarian will assist internally where required, and diagnose the underlying cause to prevent future flair-ups.

A discount of 15% off all therapies will be applied with a valid Veterinary referral. This referral must be dated within 6 weeks of therapy start date to receive discount.

By supplying a Veterinary referral, you give permission for Pamper Paws and your Veterinarian to liason directly in regards to your pets current health concerns to enable us to provide the best possible care for your dog.


Therapy + ozone bath starts at $80 per session, and from $65 for 2nd treatment within the same week.
Ozone only baths starts at $65 per session.

Certified Pet Aesthetician Mackay QLD
Dermatitis flea-allergy | Dermatitis food-allergy | Atopic dermatitis
Dermatophytosis (Ringworm) | Dermatomycosis | Malassezia Dermatitis | Candidiasis
Moist seborrhea | Dry seborrhea
For skin and coat nourishment | A force & barrier against external agents
ALOPECIA (Hair Loss)
Trauma | Surgical shavings| Follicular atrophy| Adenitis of sebaceous glands| Follicular dystrophy | Alopecia of color dilution | Skin hydration
To combat proliferation of bacteria and malassezia that cause itching.
Prevent or treat infection | Encourage healing
Soothe arthritic joints | Post-surgical orthopedic joint

Therapies | Following healed incision.


Give your pet the gift of optimal skin health with Iv San Bernards groundbreaking skin therapies. A free consultation is required with Meagan prior to commencing any therapies.
Most mild health issues will require weekly therapies for approx 6-10 weeks, major issues may require twice weekly therapies and ongoing maintenance.
The end goal for our therapies is to get your pet back to health & not reliant on prescription medications long term*.

Interested? Get in touch with us today!!


* all therapies should be in conjunction with veterinary care. Skin, coat & ozone therapies are useful in treating conditions externally & aid in a faster recovery, meaning less time on medications & higher success rates at solving your pets health issues.
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